Update: Reading is Easier than Writing


I find I am very capable of setting aside 20 minutes to write.

Actually writing something in those 20 minutes is a separate challenge.

The projects that I should be focusing on (the ones that have some potential of making me money) prove the most difficult. The ones that are fun (D&D-related) are a lot easier to get lost in. What is the secret to (a) making necessary things fun, and/or (b) finding the willpower to sit down and write stuff that I don't immediately want to write? I don't know.

But that's kinda the point, write? It's one thing to consume information (e.g. reading a book), but it's another thing to create your own information, whatever it might be (e.g. writing a song). Even if you're reading the best book in the world, I'm becoming increasingly convinced that even that is not as important than creating "content", whatever it might be. The best book in the world might inform your creation in a way, and of course there is a spectrum of the quality of all possible content you might create, but it seems to me that producing is always better than consuming.

"Eat to live, don't live to eat", as it were.

I wonder if this is, quizás, a microcosm of life itself. There is a spectrum of quality of consumption and a spectrum of quality of production. It's certainly possible to create a stupid product that serves no real purpose, but simply the act of creating it already places the creator a notch higher on the hierarchy of needs (or what have you). I'd much rather have carved a shitty wooden spoon that have purchased a shitty wooden spoon.

So, my advice to myself (and anyone else who cares to borrow it) is to consume what is necessary and is of high quality, and to focus life energy on making things.

Hey, look, I just created a whole post!

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