Time flies when you aren't blogging

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So, I haven't written here in two months.

Here's a quick summary:

I procrastinated choosing March's resolution for so long that I ended up not deciding on one. This pissed me off. However, the basic tenets of my previous two habits have seemed to stick, which is the whole idea.

I made up for it in April, choosing the habit of practicing Spanish on Duolingo (at least 50 XP) every day. This has gone smashingly well. Duolingo is an incredibly designed piece of software that makes it easy to stay on track (lots of checkable boxes available, which is my kryptonite).

Real quick Duolingo tip: look at the screen as little as possible. Most of the translation prompts are audio-based as well as text-based, and I figure whenever I do speak Spanish in real life, I'm going to be hearing it a lot more than I'll be reading it. Listening to the audio makes me have to reconstruct the sentence in my head which, I believe, leads to much greater comprehension and learning. And never cheat and hover over a word to get its English definition. Just guess, get the question wrong, and it'll stick way better up in your noggin.

So what's May's goal?

Well, like I mentioned, I took two whole months off from blogging. And so far we have only finished four months of 2018. This is a poor success/failure ratio. That, plus me having found myself in the middle of four different writing projects that aren't my blog, I need to get a little more serious. So May's habit is:

I will spend 20 minutes every day writing in one of my projects.

I've found that when I sit down to write for 20 minutes, I actually end up getting hooked with an idea and can end up writing for a lot longer, but I don't want the task to feel daunting. 20 minutes is all that is required for completion.

For those interested, my four projects are

  1. A Dungeons and Dragons campaign I am heading
  2. An educational TV show I am cowriting with some friends
  3. A movie about Nazis I am cowriting with a friend
  4. Children's music I am writing with my lovely womanfriend

The TV show and the movie are longer-form projects, so I will not be posting anything here any time soon, but the nature of the music and the D&D may provide manageable mouthfuls from time to time and I will be sure to share here.

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Peace and blessinz.