Lone Wolf Syndrome (latin: outofthe lupus)

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Man, talking to people is tough.

February didn't go nearly as well as January. It wasn't a complete bust, but I still have some serious work to do.

I really did try, but the habit of "Oh, I'll respond to that later" is so ingrained that I had to catch myself on many occasions. One thing I forgot to implement is to use the Send Read Receipts option on my iPhone that tells other iPhone users if and when I've read their texts. I've kept this off for my entire iPhone career specifically to do the opposite; I didn't want people to see I received their text and hadn't responded, but it turns out this accountability is the only way I will stay in touch with the civilized world. Facebook messages don't give you the option; they're always marked as read or not, and I'm much better at responding to Facebook messages than anything else.

So to all the friends and family I've maligned: I apologize for previous blow-offs, and for the future ones I'll likely commit. HOWEVER, even with all my failings I have been a lot better this month, and I've even been the one to initiate one or two phone calls. In a way, I like it when people don't pick up or call right back, because it makes me feel like I'm not the only one.