Two Weeks In


My gift is my curse.

One attribute Im glad I have is an ability to stick to clearly defined specifications. I like rules a lot. I think this is why I like editing writing as much as I do. A missing apostrophe or misspelled word sticks out to me like a flashing neon light at a funeral.*

For example. Headspace, the meditation app, logs your "streak", how many days you've meditated in a row. It has this special little icon that gets highlighted once you hit 365 days. No-brainer. One year after I discovered that, I highlighted the damn thing. No problem.

I am not convinced my propensity for checking off boxes is an entirely good thing, though. In obeying the letter, I often ignore the spirit.

Sure, I may keep a daily journal if I've decided that to be my goal, but I'll have a creeping tendency of just scribbling down some nonsense to be able to say "I did this every day", instead of skipping a day if I forget, but committing when I actually do write.

And that's not to mention (since I mentioned in a previous post) such an all-or-nothing attitude is a treacherous thing at best. If I do slip up, there's a much higher chance of me saying "Welp, failed that one."

As with most things, I think the sweet spot is somewhere in the middle. If I can harness my natural tendency to complete things and add a dose of being okay with mistakes, I think I can really tap into serious productivity. "Get knocked down, get back up, but try not to get knocked down in the first place." A nice, albeit cumbersome, mantra.

All this is to say that the first two weeks of my Morning Routine challenge have been a good success overall, but perhaps a little more spirit could be thrown in for the next two weeks.

To clarify, my challenge is to do five things in the morning:

  1. Wake up at 8 AM**
  2. Stretch my hip flexors
  3. Meditate
  4. Journal
  5. Drink a cup of water

I missed my cup of water on Friday the 12th (finished my first cup of coffee before realizing my folly), but other than that I've stuck very closely to the letter. This is mostly thanks to the leniency of my habit choices.

I think the spirit of the habit needs some work, almost exclusively in the implicit Going to Bed at a Reasonable Time part. I made a whole big thing in the last post about the importance of eight hours, and here I am, not getting to bed before midnight. It doesn't help to share a bedroom with a separate human who has different ideas about what constitutes "late night" and "good sleep" and "white noise", but I really don't blame Melissa for any lack of sleep on my part. And after all, no habit can be followed in a vacuum!

Jack name.png

It's 9:57 PM. I'm definitely getting my butt to bed on time tonight. Until next post!

*You didn't think I noticed that missing apostrophe in paragraph 2, did you? Just checking to see if if your paying attention.

**I actually set my alarm to 8:01 AM. I always set my alarms for odd times to break my tugging desire to have everything on even, pleasant digits, which I'm sure goes back to the whole "sticking to rules and rhythms" thing. But I've been doing the alarm thing for a while now. Never missed a day.