There and Jack Again

Hello. I am Jack of Some Trades.

I like music, food, the outdoors, and a good, inky pen. I like Legos and squats.

I don't like when people use the word "nonplussed" incorrectly, and I don't like New Year's resolutions. That's actually why I'm starting this blog on January 4th.

I'm gonna be doing some stuff over the next year or so. Feel free to watch.

(But I'd prefer if you participate.)

*     *     *

I'm a jack of some trades. I find that a person who refers to himself as a "jack of all trades" is actually just a jack of some trades like me, and perhaps his assessment of jackery is not up to my standards. I like things and am good at some of them, but it would be foolish to say I'm good at all of them or a master at any of them.

This blog is an attempt to document a few trades I'm trying to be jacker at. I don't expect to be a consummate anything by the end of this year... but consummation is not my goal.


I remember reading somewhere that something like 92% of New Year's resolutions fail. I will not be one of them, because none of these are year-long resolutions. Interested? READ ON!

I've spent several years as a personal trainer, and one of the biggest problems people run into is the "all or nothing" attitude. Everyone writes down 47 well-intentioned resolutions, then watches helplessly as each of them fade into the anemic wishes they once were by February.

Not today, Satan!

Here's the plan:

Each month of 2018 will have a single challenge (usually a daily habit) I'll dedicate myself to. The challenges will range widely. At the end of every month, I'm off the hook; I can continue the habit if I want to, but I'm not obligated to do anything beyond a month of dedication. For instance, January's challenge is to follow a productive morning routine (I'll cover it in the next post). Among other things, it includes waking up by 8 AM every morning.* On February 1st, I can sleep in as late as I want!

I won't get too wordy in this first post, but please enjoy if you dare. Comment, like, retweet, subscribe, blah blah blah. Honestly I don't even yet know how to direct you to sign up for email notifications of new posts and stuff. I'll figure it out later. Honestly, if you know my mom, it would probably be better just to ask her. I'm half-joking.


See you in a day or two,




* If 8 AM seems extremely late for an early morning challenge, then I definitely encourage you to read the next post. I have my reasons, you jerk.